Exodus' Zetro and Holt tighter than ever


Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza says his relationship with Exodus mainman Gary Holt has never been stronger.

Almost a decade after his second spell in Exodus came to an end, the singer was brought back into the band to replace Rob Dukes as they were recording latest album Blood In Blood Out last year.

And while he admits tensions were high between himself and guitarist Holt for a long time, he says the pair’s respect for each other has grown in the year since his return.

Zetro tells The Great Southern Brainfart: “There was about 10 years of mudslinging back and forth but Gary and I have a really great relationship now.

“We can tell each other anything. Being back in Exodus, there’s a lot more respect between everyone. We’re all pretty much into our 50s now. I think with age we’ve come to respect who we are as musicians and being in the business.”

Zetro believes that with age comes maturity and he says he’s happy to accept the decisions made as a group.

He says: “I’ve been in the band a year now and the band sees that I have changed. I do some Rob Dukes era songs when we play live. Any time I’m asked to learn one I always do. No problem.

“I think they’re great songs and I have fun playing them. I’m not being the guy that I used to be necessarily. I think that approach has really helped the situation as well.”

Exodus have been confirmed as part of the lineup for this year’s Motorboat cruise, which also features Slayer and Anthrax as well as Motorhead.