Evanescence have announced a Fallen themed make-up palette and now you too can look like a millennial goth icon

Evanescence/Fallen Make-up
(Image credit: Annamaria DiSanto/WireImage/HipDot/Evanescence)

Nu metal has been blazing a comeback trail over the past couple of years, but 2023 looks like the point where the resurrgence really comes into its own. 

Following the news earlier this week that Korn have teamed up with cosmetics company HipDot to produce a make-up palette based on their seminal 1998 album Follow The Leader, Evanescence have announced their own collaboration with the brand to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album, Fallen

The Fallen palette is due to be packaged in a CD-sized case that contains eight different shades corresponding to different tracks from Evanescence's debut. 

The shades listed are;

- Hello (Black - Matte)
- Going Under (Bright White - Shimmer)
- Haunted (Bright Blue/Silver - Foil)
- Bring Me to Life (Muted Blue/Grey - Matte)
- Everybody’s Fool (Dark Blue Jean - Matte)
- My Immortal (Royal Blue - Foil)
- Taking Over (Greyish Periwinkle - Foil)
- Imaginary (Deep Royal Blue - Glitter)

Evanescence Make-up set

(Image credit: Evanescence/HipDot)

Fallen was certified Diamond in November by the RIAA, having sold over ten million copies in the US alone. The album also turned Evanescence into global metal icons, singer Amy Lee inspiring future generations to pursue their own path in music. 

Nu metal and make-up certainly aren't strangers, plenty of bands donning eyeliner and nail polish (at the bare minimum) as part of the genre's unique aesthetic. 

With festivals like Sick New World helping to bring back just about every nu metal band that existed (even those who distanced themselves from the genre) and HipDot's previously announced Korn collab already having sold out, we can presume its only a matter of time before we get Slipknot, Coal Chamber and System Of A Down palettes to round out the set. Then again, maybe not. 

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