Edison's Children launch 'bridge' album


Edison’s Children, featuring Marillion man Pete Trewavas, have released third album Somewhere Between Here And There – and he says it’s a “non-concept bridge” title.

It’s available now via the band’s website, containing 15 tracks and runs for 80 minutes. The aim is to tide fans over until the band are ready to release their next concept work. It was put together via a crowdfunding campaign earlier this year.

Edison‘s Children said at the launch: “With the anticipation of a new Marillion album on the horizon, we’re going to hold back for just a short while on our next concept album.

“That doesn‘t mean that we don‘t have something very special to hold you over until the next epic is complete. Somewhere Between Here And There is a non-conceptual album featuring several songs that have been kicking around the EC laboratory for a few years, but will doubtfully ever see the light of day otherwise.

“It‘s not that we don‘t love them – they simply don‘t fit the concept albums of the past or the future. They are, however, quite exciting pieces of music in their own right.“

Tracks on offer include The Darkness and Sinner‘s Minus, two instrumental tracks intended for last album The Final Breath Before November but never used. A previously unreleased live version of the band’s Top 40 US hit A Million Miles Away from 2013 is also featured.