Dukes 'bummed' over Exodus split


Rob Dukes says he's "bummed" after being fired by Exodus in favour of classic-era vocalist Steve Souza's return.

The thrash icons confirmed the move at the weekend, saying it was a “difficult choice” but that “a change was necessary.”

Now they’ve reported Souza will start recording vocals for their tenth studio album this week.

Dukes, who started out with the band as a guitar tech before rising to front them for nine years and four albums, tells Blabbermouth: “I’ve had the experience of touring the world, playing music.

“I was just a regular guy – a fan – and I got the chance to front a legendary band with no prior experience of being a singer. I had no idea what I was doing; I made it up as I was going along.

“It was a great chapter in my life. I’m bummed it ended with them, but I have another band, Generation Kill. So I’ll concentrate on that right now.”

Guitarist Gary Holt says Souza, who’s now on this third stint with Exodus, will begin studio work tomorrow. “The small sampling I have of him on the new songs is fucking amazing,” he reports. “His best shit ever is coming – it’s going to kill.”

And Holt predicts Dukes has more musical success in his future, saying: “I’ve had the honour of watching Rob go from unknown tech to awesome singer and frontman. I could not be prouder, and his future is bright as fuck, that’s for sure.

“It doesn’t end here; the world will see plenty more from Rob, this much I will bank on.”

Souza will front the band for their appearance at the Bang Your Head festival in Germany next month.