Doyle Working On Misfits Reunion

Having recently performed some well-received sets with Danzig, it looks like Doyle is officially trying to get a full Misfits reunion on the go.

Though the horror-punk icons have continued to exist in various, increasingly tenuous forms over the years thanks to bassist Jerry Only, a “classic” lineup reunion has never taken place since Glenn Danzig left the band in the mid-80s.

With Doyle and Glenn now chummy again, however, it looks like the titanically-built guitarist could play peacemaker in the ranks.

“I’m the only one that’s gonna get the original lineup back together,” Doyle tells Alternative Press. “So I think I’m going to work on that, and hopefully I can pull the two bulls together and get them to fucking stop.

“You know what? I’ve just decided this week that I am going to make an attempt, and I wanna do it. I’ll put what I’m doing right on the fucking side. I’ll go do it tomorrow.”

Given that Danzig seems to have been on pretty formidable form recently, we’d definitely back this. MAKE IT HAPPEN, DOYLE!

Misfits - Die, Die My Darling