Devo crowdfund Casale tribute DVD


Devo have launched a crowdfunding campaign to support the of release a live recording from their first concerts without Bob Casale.

The founding guitarist, known as Bob 2, passed away in February without life insurance or a will, prompting the Ohio outfit to perform a 10-date tour to raise money for his family.

The shows took place in June and featured material recorded between 1974 and 1977, marking the first time they’d played them in almost 40 years.

The live package is titled Devo Hardcore Live! and it was recorded at the Fox Theatre in Oakland this summer. Those who preorder through Devo’s PledgeMusic page will receive exclusive access to photos, video and audio tracks, plus the chance to buy shirts, signed prints, autographed vinyl pressings and more.

Bob 2’s bandmate and brother, Jerry Casale, tells Rolling Stone: “It was a horrific shock and an explosion in the Devo universe. For a month or so, nobody talked about anything. But then we realised we could still do the tour, make it a memorial to Bob and raise money.”

The project has passed the 60% funding mark, with 54 days to go.