Designs Of Chaos 'shattered' by drummer's death


Designs Of Chaos drummer Chris Crammond has died in a tragic accident at work.

Crammond, who turned 40 on Monday, was fatally injured in Kent on Thursday while carrying out his work as a telephone engineer.

His death has left the other members of Designs Of Chaos “shattered” as they try to come to terms with his passing. The London band had only just completed the recording of a new EP and they featured on the cover CD of the July edition of Metal Hammer Magazine.

Singer Jay Shields says: “We don’t really know what happened, all we know is there was an accident at work and he’s gone. We got a message yesterday telling us that.

“We’re all absolutely destroyed and shattered. He was heart and soul and backbone of the band. Chris was a giant, the gentlest giant with the biggest heart.

“All we can do now is be there for each other and for Chris’ wife, Natalie, and his family. We’re in complete and utter shock and we don’t know what we’re going to do.

“It doesn’t seem important now, but the band were on the cusp of something very special. We had been to the Metal Hammer Golden Gods and met so many people we looked up to. And we have an EP due out in August. But we don’t know where all that stands now.”

No details of the accident have been made public, although Chris’ employers are said to be devastated by the news.