Desertfest: Metal Hammer Stage Announced

We’re getting our very own stage at Deserfest this year! How cool is that?!

On Friday, April 25, Metal Hammer will be taking over the Black Heart in Camden, London as a part of this year’s Desertfest shenanigans. As well as some very special guest DJ slots on the night, we’re delighted to announce that the following bands will be rocking up to play the Metal Hammer stage:



Necro Deathmort

The Earls of Mars

Death Ape Disco

Desertfest 2014 takes place across various venues in Camden, London, from April 25-27 and features the likes of Kvelertak, Boris, Spirit Caravan, Weedeater, Dragged Into Sunlight and many more. Head to for more info and tickets.