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Lombardo doesn’t want Megadeth job

Former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo isn’t interested in working with Megadeth because he’s tired of playing the role of “hired gun.”

And he’s recalled one of the reasons he didn’t wind up with Dave Mustaine’s outfit in 1986.

Lombardo, who split with Slayer in 2013, is one of the people who’s been connected with the vacant Megadeth role – although he’s previously said no discussions have taken place.

He tells Metal Ireland: “I’ve been getting phone calls like, ‘Are you going to join this band?’ No. I refuse to be someone’s employee. I want to work on something I’m a part of, not just a guy that receives a paycheque.

“I want to be part of the artist development. An artist, not just a hired gun. I’ve had enough of that – I need freedom.”

He adds: “Megadeth has its own style. I’m really busy with my own music.”

Lombardo discounts an old rumour that he’d been approached about replacing Lars Ulrich in Metallica during the 1980s. “That’s news to me,” he says.

But he continues: “In 1986 I was looking to join Megadeth, to replace Gar Samuelson. I met all of them some time in 86, but they were really heavily into drugs and I really wasn’t into that.

“They didn’t look too healthy either – they looked pretty bad.”

Lombardo is currently working with Philm, but recently suggested he’d consider returning to Slayer to “retire that band correctly.” Megadeth are working on what will be their 15th album while rumours persist about who will replace Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover.