Dave Foster and Yatim Halimi leave Panic Room

Panic Room

Panic Room have announced the departure of guitarist Dave Foster and bassist Yatim Halimi.

In a lengthy statement on the band's website the band announce: "It is with heavy hearts that have to make this announcement today. Sadly, we must reveal that both Dave Foster and Yatim Halimi have decided that their time with Panic Room is over. First of all, we want to assure everyone that these two individual decisions to leave the band have nothing to do with that old chestnut - ‘musical differences’. It is not the result of any falling out between the five of us; and indeed, we remain the closest of friends, as brothers and sister. The truth is that both Yatim and Dave have come to the point where, due to changes in their own personal circumstances outside of the band, they feel that they are no longer able to continue as members of Panic Room. We have the utmost love and care for our two dear band-mates; 
and we have nothing but respect and understanding for the difficult decisions that they are each having to make at this time."

Halimi joined the band in 2010, whilst Foster took over guitar duties in 2015. Both feature in Steve Rothery's solo band and also have their own solo projects.

Panic Room's forthcoming new album and 2019 tour have been postponed, but the remaining members stress; "Anne-Marie, Jonathan, and Gavin are all determined and committed to carry on making music together as Panic Room."

Luna Rossa, the side-project featuring Jonathan Edwards and Anne-Marie Helder, are due to release their latest album shortly.

Jerry Ewing

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