Daltrey hopes for second Wilko album


Roger Daltrey has vowed he'll make a second blues album with Wilko Johnson if the cancer victim recovers enough to make it.

And he’s suggested they’ll take more time over recording if they get the opportunity to track a follow-up to Going Back Home, which was released in March.

Johnson, 66, expected to be dead by October last year after doctors found a tumour in his stomach and he opted not to receive chemotherapy treatment.

He underwent a new surgical procedure last month, after a physician friend became intrigued as to why Johnson appeared to be suffering no ill effects – despite the tumour continuing to grow.

Daltrey tells the BBC: “He’s lost an awful lot of his body but he’s still here, which is one up from being dead.

“He’s getting out of bed and grunting, which is exhilarating for him, I’m sure. We look forward to him making a full recovery.

“It’s going to take a long, long time – but if he does, we’re going to make part two of the record we rushed out.”

The singer underlines that there’s no guarantees: “It’s an operation that’s never been tried before,” he says. “He’s an experiment.”

Johnson’s manager last week said doctors were “cautiously optimistic” about his chances of recovery.