Crowbar 4 ‘killer’ tracks into album


Crowbar have four “killer” tracks written for their next album, according to mainman Kirk Windstein.

And he says they’ll return to the studio in the coming months to record the follow-up to 2014’s Symmetry In Black.

Former Down man Windstein tells Thunder Underground: “We’ve got four songs written that are really killer. In January, we really need to buckle down and make sure we finish up the other half of the record. We’ll probably get in the studio in early February.”

In July, Windstein spoke about the band’s writing process. He said: “We make our own music and for us, it’s just about slow and steady wins the race – the hair and the tortoise mentality.

“Keep doing what you’re doing, keep doing it at a high level, be great to your fans, treat them with respect, kick ass very night and you’ll be able to continue forward.”

Crowbar are currently on the road across the US with High On Fire. The run wraps up in Jacksonville on December 19.