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Taylor 'fine' with Velvet Revolver tracks being lost

Corey Taylor says he’s “fine” about his work with Velvet Revolver being lost for ever – even though he thought some of it was “pretty sweet.”

He’s confirmed that he wrote three songs with Slash and co while they considered him as Scott Weiland’s replacement, following an acrimonious split in 2008.

And the Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman says he recorded nearly an album’s worth of material before Slash decided he wasn’t the right man for the job.

Taylor tells Loudwire: “I think it was 10 songs, nine or 10. There was a handful that we wrote and a handful that I rearranged based on music they already had.

“I think there was three songs that we wrote together, which were actually pretty sweet.”

He adds: “The world will probably never hear them – which is fine. I would want another crack at working on some of that stuff, but that will never happen. It’s all good.”

Velvet Revolver remain on hiatus. Slash confirmed last year that Taylor was the candidate who came closest to landing the role, but added: “I love Corey to death, but it didn’t have certain elements I thought it needed, so we just didn’t go down that path.”

Ex Stone Temple Pilots frontman Weiland yesterday called off a European tour with his band the Wildabouts.

Taylor has 8 tracks for Stone Sour record