Coldplay discover Pink Floyd, share 10 minute prog rock single Coloratura

(Image credit: Mauricio Santana/Getty Images)

In one of 2021’s more surprising developments, Coldplay have gone prog rock.

It appears that Chris Martin And The Other Three have become the very last group of 40-something white men on the planet to discover The Dark Side Of The Moon, and have decided to write their very own Pink Floyd-style space rock epic while under the influence.

And if we’re being honest with ourselves, Coloratura is actually... pretty good?

Coldplay being Coldplay, their 10-minute space oddity is extremely well-mannered and polite, easing in with 108 seconds of Chris Martin piano tinkling before the dreamy vocals melt in.

‘Coloratura, we fell in through the clouds,’ Martin sings. ‘And everyone before us is there welcoming us now. It’s the end of death and doubt, and loneliness is out…’

We won’t lead you step-by-step through the whole piece, but if you’re short on time, or think we’re trolling, we suggest you check out the celestial section from 5 minutes 37 seconds through to 6 minutes 38 seconds when ‘David Gilmour’ joins the action and on to the part at 7 minute 33 seconds where Martin sings ‘Oh, it’s a crazy world, it’s true.’

Um, nice work Coldplay, to be fair.

The quartet’s ninth album, Music Of The Spheres, is due for release on October 15. Whether it bears the influence of Camel, Yes or Peter Gabriel-era Genesis has yet to be revealed. 


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