Coal Chamber's Nadja on nerves and pride


Nadja Peulen says one gig was all it took to get over the nerves of Coal Chamber’s live return.

The bassist was brought back into the band after Dez Fafara announced they were working on the follow-up to 2002’s Darkest Days. Rivals is issued on May 18 via Napalm Records.

Peulen tells Pop Culture Madness: “It feels good. For me, it’s been 13 years. The first show, I was kind of nervous, because I’m, like, ‘Oh my God. It’s been 13 years. How’s it gonna be for me to be on stage with the guys again playing those songs?’

“But once I got past the first show, it’s just been like we never skipped a beat. It’s just like yesterday. It’s like we picked up where we left off – that’s what it feels like to me.”

The bassist is especially proud of Rivals, as it also marks her first appearance on a Coal Chamber album. She says: “It’s the first Coal Chamber record that I’m playing on. I supported the last two records live, but now I’m actually on the album and supporting it live so it’s exciting. I’m really proud of it.”


  1. I.O.U. Nothing 2. Bad Blood Between Us 3. Light in the Shadows 4. Suffer In Silence 5. The Bridges You Burn 6. Orion 7. Another Nail in the Coffin 8. Rivals 9. Wait 10. Dumpster Dive 11. Over My Head 12. Fade Away (Karma Never Forgets) 13. Empty Handed 14. Worst Enemy