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Cornell joins Dog fight over master tapes

Chris Cornell has spoken out in the battle of supergroup Temple Of The Dog’s master tapes.

A&M Records have launched a lawsuit against studio boss Rajan Parashar, who currently possesses the master tapes of the supergroup’s 1991 album.

The label say Parashar doesn’t own the recordings as a result of a 1993 contract signed with his late brother Rick. He produced the album made by Cornell and Soundgarden bandmate Matt Cameron, alongside Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament and Mike McCready.

Cornell tells AP: “A&M paid for the recordings and the use of the studio. To pretend he has a right to keep the recordings makes no more sense than the owner of a laundromat claiming he owns the clothes you washed in his machine.”

The label only discovered in 2013 that the tapes were still held by Parashar. It’s thought they’re wanted in relation to a potential 25th anniversary re-release next year.

But his lawyer has stated: “He’s had them all along. They’re his. He has no agreement with A&M.”

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