Calling all Fleetwood Mac fanatics: put your Stevie Nicks knowledge to the test with this recent Mastermind quiz

Mastermind contestant George Pope, and Stevie Nicks on stage
(Image credit: BBC, Josh Brasted/WireImage)

While some of us may think we’re pretty ‘in the know’ when it comes to our favourite artists, there’s always that one megafan who puts our knowledge to shame by pulling out some obscure reference about their idol’s favourite kind of pudding, or the name of their first pet, or something. One such fanatic is George Pope, who was recently a contestant on Mastermind and chose Fleetwood Mac icon Stevie Nicks as his specialist subject.

In the episode itself, as host Clive Myrie welcomes Pope to the black chair, he kicks off the two-minute quiz round by asking “From the late 1960s until 1971, Stevie Nicks was a member of what San Francisco band, which included Lindsey Buckingham, with whom she became romantically involved?”. Thankfully, Pope lands the correct answer, with Fritz. 

Before Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac, she was a member of the Californian psych rock band, who were otherwise known as The Fritz Rabyne Memorial Band. Speaking of her time in the group in Stephen Davis’ book Gold Dust Woman: The Biography of Stevie Nicks, she said: “Nobody in that band wanted me as their girlfriend because I was too ambitious for them. They all thought I was in it for attention and didn’t take me seriously at all. I was just a girl singer, and they hated the fact that I got a lot of the credit.” 

Another Mastermind question poses: “Nicks performed her songs Crystal and If You Ever Did Believe for the soundtrack of what 1998 fantasy romantic comedy film?”, which Pope also gets with correct with Practical Magic, a film about a family of witches starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.

Other questions included the name of certain tours, where Nicks worked in early life, and famous live moments, amongst other subjects. 

Luckily, Pope got the majority of the quiz right, and only passed on one question: “Shortly before joining Fleetwood Mac, in the mid 1970s, Nicks took waitressing jobs at various places, reputedly earning $1.50 an hour, at which 1920s-themed restaurant in Los Angeles?”. We’ll leave this one for you to answer.

Check it out below. How many did you get right?

Liz Scarlett

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