Bulletboys back with Elefante

Bulletboys have announced they’ll release their new album next month.

The US rock veterans issue Elefante on June 9 via Cleopatra. It’s their first all original material since 2009’s 10¢ Billionaire.

Frontman Marq Torien says: “Can’t wait for our fans to hear this album. I put my heart and soul into this music. This album has sick peaks and valleys. It is not a linear album.

“A straight-out labour of love that I’ve dedicated to my amazing father, all of our families and our unfaltering Bulletboys fans and friends.”

Torien, guitarist Nick Rozz, bassist Chad MacDonald and drummer Shawn Duncan worked with producer Matt Thorne and engineer Ryan Greene on the album.

Greene says: “Most singers from back in the 80s were pretty good, but I will tell you, Marq knocked it out of the park on this record. His power and passion was second to none and he can sing in tune. No auto-tune needed – he’s the real freakin’ deal.

“If you think for a second this is going to be some rehashed 80s record, you are completely wrong.”

Elefante tracklist

  1. Rollover 2. Tsunami 3. Symphony 4. The Villain 5. Kin Folk 6. Saving You From Me 7. As Dumb As 8. Superhuman Girl 9. Drop Your Weapon 10. Bitch Is Back 11. Elefante