Buckcherry target 2015 release


Buckcherry say they are currently at work on their next album – and they hope to release it next year.

Guitarist Keith Nelson tells SROMaginc: “We’re already working on the next record and getting ideas together, so you’ll hear something next year.”

The album will be the first release from the band since their profanity-laden six-track Fuck EP, which launched earlier this year. And Nelson says leftover tracks from that recording session could appear on next year’s record.

He adds: “We wrote a bunch of songs which didn’t have ‘fuck’ in it and they’re just sitting around waiting for release.”

Last month, Nelson slammed U2 for their deal with Apple, which saw the Irish group give away their Songs Of Innocence album for free.

He said: “They’ve sent a message to everyone that music is free and that’s disturbing. It’s easy to do that when you’re a multi-millionaire and money isn’t something you worry about. But when you’re a working band and you count on every dollar, it’s disappointing to see someone do that.”