Buckcherry forced to get creative


Buckcherry guitarist Keith Nelson says the band have been forced to get creative in an effort to make a living in the music business.

Earlier this year, they launched a PledgeMusic campaign to fund the Buckcherry Singles Club – a subscription set-up that gives fans a cover version every month. They also released their profanity-laden, six-track Fuck EP in July.

And Nelson says giving fans more content is vital if they want to have a career in music.

He tells Marshall Of Rock: “I think it’s pretty common knowledge that the income streams for working musicians are diminishing, so you have to be very creative about what you have to do – not to live a lavish life of a rock star, but to support your family and maintain a life outside of it.”

He continues: “It’s forced us to constantly rethink how we’re making the music, how we’re putting it out, how we’re reaching people, and why would somebody buy our record and not someone else’s? Just how you make it special?

“That’s why you see things like bonus CDs with records we’ve made, behind-the-scenes content and things like the PledgeMusic campaign. That stuff’s important to us.

“At the same time, we still want to be making records that are current, modern and are talked about in the modern vernacular of rock and roll.”

Nelson previously stated the band were working on ideas for their upcoming album which they hope to launch in 2015.