Brian Johnson drives an ancient Rolls Royce


When Brian Johnson was a lad, the only way you got to ride in a Rolls Royce was if you died.

The singer recalls, “My dad’s friend at the club would sit there and go, ‘It’ll be my turn for a ride in the Rolls Royce soon, son. I’ve got it booked for when I’m dead’”.

So when Johnson made enough money to purchase one of his own, he did. “I drive it like I stole it”, he says.

This week’s exclusive clip, made to accompany the third episode of Johnson’s Quest TV series Cars That Rock, follows Brian as he drives an ancient Rolls Royce round the English countryside.

Just like last week’s Bugatti episode, there are impersonations to enjoy, plus the chance to hear the singer perform a rollicking version of It’s A Long Way To Tipperary.


Cars that Rock is on Thursday nights at 9pm on Quest TV.