Brian Johnson does Imola in a Lamborghini Trofeo


In this week's After Hours segment, Brian Johnson takes a Lamborghini race car onto the track that killed Ayrton Senna.

“The first curve is the infamous Tamburello corner”, says the singer, in this out-take from his Cars That Rock series. “It’s a vicious, nasty, blind, never-ending thing. You’re flying down there. I was doing about 185 miles per hour, and it comes up on you real fast.

“It’s a shrine: flags and flowers and photographs, you just can’t miss it… and this guy was the finest driver of his time. I was wondering if I was gonna join him for a cup of tea!”


_Cars that Rock is on Thursday nights at 9pm on Quest TV. AC/DC are currently recording a new album in Vancouver. The Tamburello _was remodelled after Senna’s death to slow cars down.

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