Brian Eno streams I’m Set Free

Brian Eno
Brian Eno
(Image: © Getty)

Brian Eno has issued a stream of this cover of Velvet Underground track I’m Set Free.

The song closes out Eno’s Fickle Sun suite, which features on his upcoming album The Ship, out on April 29 via Warp Records.

Eno says on Facebook: “That particular song always resonated with me but it took about 25 years before I thought about the lyrics. ‘I’m set free, to find a new illusion.’ Wow. That’s saying we don’t go from an illusion to reality but rather we go from one workable solution to another more workable solution.

“Subsequently I think we aren’t able and actually don’t particularly care about the truth, whatever that might be. What we care about is having intellectual tools and inventions that work.”

Eno points to Yuval Noah Harari’s book Sapiens, which states that what makes societies capable of co-operating is the stories they share.

He adds: “Democracy is a story, religion is a story, money is a story. This chimed well with ‘I’m set free to find a new illusion.’ It seems to me what we don’t need now is people that come out waving their hands and claiming they know the Right Way.”

Brian Eno The Ship tracklist

  1. The Ship
  2. Fickle Sun (I)
  3. Fickle Sun (II) The Hour Is Thin
  4. Fickle Sun (III) I’m Set Free