Sabbath's Paranoid studied in TV show


A documentary on Black Sabbath’s classic album Paranoid is to air on Sky Arts in the UK this weekend.

The film looks at the making of the 1970 release, and includes interviews with the band.

In the trailer, frontman Ozzy Osbourne talks about his lack of formal music training, saying: “I can hardly read English, never mind music. I don’t know what key I sing in. I’ve said to people, ‘I must learn to play an instrument.’ And people have gone to me, ‘You know what, you’d be making the biggest mistake.

”‘If you learn what it was all about, you’d probably lose what you already have.’”

Black Sabbath – Paranoid…Classic Albums airs on Sky Arts (Sky channel 121) at 1.20am on Sunday (June 28).

Bassist Geezer Butler recently hit out at critics for focusing too much attention on the band’s name. The band’s future remains unclear after Osbourne suggested a final album and tour would take place next year, but Butler said he had “no idea” if anything would come of the plans.