Big Teutonic 4 issue 2nd split vinyl


Germany’s ‘Big Teutonic 4’ have announced the release of their second joint 10inch vinyl.

Kreator, Sodom, Destruction and Tankard have each recorded a classic NWOBHM cover version for the red vinyl release, which can be pre-ordered now. The record will begin shipping next week.

Songs by Iron Maiden, Tank, Saxon and Raven make up the record. On his band’s cover of Iron Maiden’s self-titled 1980 track, Tankard’s Andreas “Gerre” Geremia says: “The first two Maiden albums are my personal favorites so it’s a real honour to me that our version of Iron Maiden will finally be available on vinyl.”

Destruction’s Marcel ’Schmier’ Schirmer adds: “Shortly before we formed Destruction we were all together at a Saxon concert in Switzerland on their Denim & Leather tour. Princess Of The Night always was one of my all-time favourite tracks from the British NWOBHM masters.

“This very unique riff was already the first step into speed metal, at that time we did not know how important this evening was – a night and a song that has definitely influenced us all the way.”

The collaboration follows the foursome’s 2013 limited-edition vinyl which included Maiden and Motorhead tributes.


  1. Kreator – Lambs To The Slaughter (Raven cover) 2. Sodom – Don’t Walk Away ( Tank cover) 3. Destruction – Princess Of The Night (Saxon cover) 4. Tankard – Iron Maiden (Iron Maiden cover)