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Beardfish man issues Realm Of You And Me

Beardfish frontman Rikard Sjoblom has released track Realm Of You And Me.

The song is lifted from the singer’s debut solo album The Unbendable Sleep, out on February 10.

The album will also feature Beardfish bassist Robert Hansen.

The band released their latest album +4626-COMFORTZONE last year.

Sjoblom says: ”It was one of the last songs that was written for the album, but basically I was sitting in a hotel room, just strumming the guitar and started playing the opening riff over and over and singing a melody. I think I wrote the whole thing in 15 minutes. It quickly became a favourite for me and I recorded it the week after I wrote it.

“It’s about growing apart and finding your way back to someone – your partner, yourself… your guitar? I can’t be sure yet what it means to me personally but I know I feel very strongly about it.”

Sjoblom will promote the release on a mini UK tour with prog rock band Anima Mundi.