Bach gives Pantera antics his seal of approval


Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach has hailed Pantera as the “craziest” band he ever toured with.

The two bands toured together in the early 1990s and Bach was blown away by Phil Anselmo and co’s pre-gig antics.

In an interview on Australian television, Bach tells The Morning Show: “The craziest tour I did was with a band called Pantera. They were the craziest.

“I warm up my voice doing scales — all this boring vocal stuff — and they would warm up by doing 14 shots of Crown Royal. ‘We’re ready. Let’s go!’”

In July, Bach cleared up confusion surrounding his wedding. Tickets costing $300 went on sale for an event described as “the wedding of Sebastian Bach to Suzanne Le” in California.

But the singer later said only the post-ceremony “all-star jam concert party” was open to the public, not the actual wedding.