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Baby Chaos return with first single in 17 years

Glaswegian rockers Baby Chaos have unleashed their first single in 17 years. Featuring two tracks, You Can’t Shut Us Up and The Whispering of Giants, it was recorded by the band’s original line-up and comes from the forthcoming album Skulls, Skulls, Skulls, Show Me The Glory.

You Can’t Shut Us Up is “a full on adrenalin pumping riffology with the defiant chant of the chorus providing the song’s title,” say the band. “It is inspired by the age of connectivity and its ability to allow all us little people a greater collective voice.

The Whispering of Giants rolls relentlessly from a whispered first verse towards a chest thumping refrain,” they continue. “In the relatively short history of humankind there have been many giants in whose footsteps it is a privilege to tread. The whispers of their words echo through the decades.”

The single is released on April 13, with the album to follow at the end of the month. The band play The Barfly in Camden on April 10, Stereo in Glasgow on April 18, and at the Camden Rocks Festival in London on May 30. Tickets are on sale now.