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B.B. gravestone laid in ceremony

B.B. King’s gravestone was laid above his last resting place in a ceremony on Friday.

The black granite memorial replaced a small fence and wreaths that had been marking the site since the icon was buried at the B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Centre in Indianola, Mississippi, in May.

He passed away earlier that month at the age of 89, with subsequent investigations resulting in the ruling that he’d died of dementia and other natural conditions.

The gravestone includes King’s name, dates and signature engraved in gold, alongside the lyrics to his 1979 song Take It Home. It will be the centrepiece of a $4m memorial garden, featuring pathways, benches and plaques bearing more song titles.

Over 100 friends, family and fans attended the event, led by Senator John Horhn, who said: “Some folks might argue that the blues is the greatest export from Mississippi – and the greatest purveyor of that music was B.B. King.”

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