Atreyu 'stoked’ at fans’ reaction


Atreyu guitarist Travis Miguel says he’s “stoked” at the way fans have responded to the group’s latest release.

They returned from a three-year hiatus in July and released So Others May Live earlier this month. Now Miguel reveals the track is a good indication of where the band is heading.

He tells Caliber TV: “We got in a room and started writing and whatever came out, came out. A good gauge of that is So Others May Live and I think the response to that song has been really awesome, so we’re stoked.”

Miguel admits the band were “going through the motions” before they decided to go on hiatus and that caused them to take stock.

He continues: “Towards the end of that last run, we were all fried and burnt out – we were all sick. There was no morale left and we were just going through the motions – well I was, anyway.

“It’s not that I didn’t like playing, but I started taking it for granted – I wanted to get reinvigorated and that’s where we’re at now.”

So Others May Live is free to download via Music Glue.