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Aretha Franklin biopic to enter production at last

Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin (Image credit: Getty)

Aretha Franklin’s biopic is set to finally go ahead after producers agreed to give her full creative control.

The project has been in development for at least five years, with Straight Outta Compton producer Scott Bernstein at the helm.

And although the actress who’ll play the starring role has been chosen, her identity hasn’t yet been revealed.

Franklin tells AP: “We’re ready to sign for the movie. We’ve agreed on all the key points – there’s very little left now.

“They’ve given me creative control and that’s all I wanted.”

She tells People: “I’ve talked to the person that’s going to play me. I’m not going to say who I chose, but I’ve talked to her. She’s ready and I’m happy with her.”

And despite celebrating her 74th birthday last week, Franklin says: “I’m doing very well. I’m going to be around. I’ll be like Perry Como – somewhere on a couch, laying down with a microphone, still singing.”

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