Popovic covers Catfish Blues


Ana Popovic has released a stream of her take on traditional classic Catfish Blues, from upcoming album Blue Room.

It was recorded in collaboration with her father Milton, and it’s released on May 19 via ArtisteXclusive.

She explains: “My dad is the reason I’m into music. It was on my to-do list for quite some time to record with him.

“I wanted to record the songs that we used to play together while I was still living at home – as a memory of my young days, but also to give people who are into my music an idea of how and where things started.”


1. Catfish Blues 2. I’m Losing You 3. Evening Shadows 4. Grant Spivey 5. Somebody 6. Did Somebody Make A Fool Out Of You 7. We Used To Know 8. Rainy Night In Georgia 9. Red River Blues 10. Baby What’s Wrong 11. Tupelo