Allman Brothers mum dies at 98

Geraldine Allman, the mother of Gregg and Duane, has died at the age of 98.

Gregg Allman confirmed the news via his website, describing her as a huge supporter of her sons’ musical careers.

Known as Jerry to her friends, she’d brought them up after her husband died suddenly in 1950, just five years after they’d married.

Granddaughter Galadrielle Allman’s says via Gregg’s site: “Jerry had a motto taken from a poem by Sam Walter Floss: ‘Let me live in my house by the side of the road and be a friend to man.’ The modest beauty of this wish was typical of Jerry.

“She had a natural ability to live in the moment and celebrate the simple pleasures of life. Her door was always open to her many friends and she often had a full house. She took great pleasure in flowers and gardening. Her hands were always busy with handwork, crocheting and knitting beautiful things. She was a wonderful cook, and collected cook books and recipes. She loved the ocean and walking on the beach by her home.

“She was a spiritual seeker who favoured writings on Eastern religious philosophy, and prized open mindedness and humour. Jerry was always ready with a Southern saying or piece of sage advice to comfort her loved ones.”

The Allman Brothers Band work ethic was inherited from her, says Galadrielle: “She enthusiastically supported their shared ambition to play music. She helped her boys buy their first touring car and the musical instruments and equipment they used, and she encouraged them to join their local union.”

She’ll be buried after a private ceremony.