All That Remains sketching next album


All That Remains have begun writing their next album, says guitarist Oli Herbert – and he thinks it might appear before the end of the year.

The Massachusetts outfit are at the very earliest stages of work on what will be their seventh studio outing, following 2012’s A War You Cannot Win.

Herbert tells Artisan News: “Hopefully we’ll be in the studio soon and the album should be out later this year.

“I can’t really disclose any details. We’re just writing right now. It’s a painstaking process filled with, ‘Oh, this is great,’ and then the next day, ‘No, this isn’t so good.’”

It’s not known whether they’ll continue in the different direction illustrated by last year’s single What If I Was Nothing, taken from A War You Cannot Win.

Frontman Phil Labonte said of the track: “There was conflict in the beginning – there are people who come from a school of thought that’s like, ‘This is what you’re supposed to do, and that’s what you do.’

“But you either play inside the safe zone or you really push the envelope. That’s the thing about trying new stuff: you’re not going to know when it’s going to strike a chord with people.”

All That Remains: What If I Was Nothing