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Alice Cooper's TikTok account is the most wholesome place on earth

Alice Cooper TikTok screenshots
(Image credit: @alicecooperofficial TikTok)

Leather-clad, whip-wielding shock rocker Alice Cooper has crafted quite the villainous persona over the years.

With a deeply gothic back catalogue and his frequent use of garish stunts – including guillotines, live snakes, generous amounts of fake blood and other horror-themed theatrics in his live shows – it makes sense that he's been dubbed the 'Captain Hook' of the music industry.

Taking a peek at his TikTok account, though, it seems like Cooper wants us all to know that really, he's just a normal guy who loves his wife and a good game of golf.

Having now been sober for 35 years, there's a video that shows the rocker staring off into the distance, with the caption "me thinking about how far I've come and how happy I am living a sober lifestyle", whilst Abba's heart-wrenching 1981 ballad Slipping Through My Fingers plays over the top. In another, Abba's Dancing Queen plays over a compilation of charming images of Alice clearly living his best life, whilst smiling and hugging his wife, holding a puppy and in another photo, clutching a golf club. The video caption declares "I'm a wholesome rockstar", and we really have to agree.

And when he's not trying to convince viewers of his gentle nature, Alice uses TikTok to parody moments from within his career, such as his "most embarrassing tour story" of when a large snake "pooped" on him on stage. There's also a video of the Poison-singer giving romantic advice to viewers, taken from what looks like an old interview. He explains: "I tell a lot of guys, you know, what you do is you get used to your wife and you don't treat her like your girlfriend. I said, what about treating your wife, before you got married, how you treated her. You date her, you pursue her. And that's important."

Other videos on the profile see Alice recalling his guest appearance in the cult classic 90s comedy Wayne's World, as well as self-proclaiming himself as "the king of dad moves" and providing facts about some of his biggest hits.

Between the wholesome clips and nostalgic commentary, we have to applaud Alice (or, his team, who knows if it's really him creating the content), for the dedication to keeping in touch with the latest TikTok trends. If you're a TikTok user yourself, you'll notice his videos are all in line with the most hilarious accompanying soundbites and formats. If you're not familiar with the app, then just know, this is seriously down-with-the-kids stuff.

Check out some of our favourite Alice Cooper TikTok's below:

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The truth may surprise you... ##plottwist ##trending ##AliceCooper ##withatwist ##rocknroll ##watchtilltheend ##musicindustry

♬ What falling in love sounds like with a twist - The Piano Guy (opens in new tab)
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I promise I’m Mr. Nice Guy in real life. ##crowdcheers ##trending ##AliceCooper ##plottwist ##crowdgoeswild ##niceguy

♬ Crowd Cheers - Johnny Buchanan (opens in new tab)
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Happy Anniversary to us! ##relationshipgoals ##AliceCooper ##butwhenhelovesme ##marriedlife ##anniversary ##relationshipstorytime ##marriagechallenge

♬ Cloud 9 - Beach Bunny (opens in new tab)
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Thank you for 100K minions here on TikTok! ##staysafe ##thankyoutiktok ##concerts ##AliceCooper ##imeighteen

♬ I'm Eighteen - Alice Cooper (opens in new tab)
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