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Alex Van Halen’s Invasion tour drum kit from 1980 is up for sale

Alex VH 1980 kit
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Alex Van Halen’s white Ludwig drum kit could be yours for a mere $275,000.

The stage-played drum kit, which the drummer used throughout the Californian quartet’s Invasion tour in support of their third album, 1980’s Women And Children First, is available for purchase from for $275,000 (or £217,249.99 plus shipping for a UK purchaser). An unspecified portion of proceeds will go to charity.

The kit which was used on more than 100 shows during Van Halen’s Invasion tour, was previously displayed at Cleveland, Ohio's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame And Museum. The custom-designed kit features two custom articulated bass drums, each more than five feet long, in addition to an array of floor toms, tom-toms, a gong and a host of cymbals.

In other Van Halen news, Wolfgang Van Halen has again dismissed rumours that the Californian hard rock legends might reunite in tribute to his late father Eddie, who passed away on October 6. One rumour had suggested that Van Halen would return with a line up featuring Sammy Hagar, bassist Michael Antony and Alex Van Halen, with Wolfgang switching to guitar. It was also suggested that Eddie Van Halen told his son and brother "I give you my blessing" with regard to the idea of Van Halen continuing without him.

“No way. That'll never happen,” Wolfgang told Entertainment Tonight. “I think a message to the Van Halen fans [would be that] some things just really suck. I don't have a dad anymore and I have to figure out how to process that and deal with it. And that's the process that Van Halen fans need to go through and realise that you can't have the band anymore without Eddie Van Halen. The music will live on forever, but you can't have [the band] without him. Impossible.”

"My dad would probably be really pissed off at me if I [tried to take his place,]" Wolfgang added. "He’d probably be, like, ‘What are you doing playing my stuff? Go do your stuff.’ He would’ve been really upset, like, ‘You have all this music you're sitting on. Why wouldn't you go forward with that?’”