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Adrian Erlandsson confirms Paradise Lost split

Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost

Drummer Adrian Erlandsson has confirmed he’s no longer a member of Paradise Lost.

Last year, the sticksman announced he’d sit out the band’s European tour due to other commitments. Now he’s confirmed the departure is permanent.

He says in a statement: “For the ones that don’t already know, I am no longer playing with Paradise Lost. When The Plague Within was released last year, I was in the middle of gigs with At The Gates and The Haunted.

“Since I couldn’t make all the gigs for the new album, it made sense for Paradise Lost to have someone that can be there the whole time, which I couldn’t.

“I want to thank everyone in the band and management. It has been an amazing ride playing with one of my favourite bands and I feel very proud of the work we did together.”

Finnish drummer Waltteri Vayrynen stood in for Erlandsson for their live shows.

Meanwile, Paradise Lost have signed a worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast.

Frontman Nick Holmes says: “Paradise Lost’s career has run alongside Nuclear Blast Records since the label began in the late 80s. And as huge fans of original death metal, we still have the majority of the label’s first releases from those very early days.

“It’s pretty incredible to see how the label has become a real force in metal music over the years, both in Europe and America and now, nearly 30 years later, in a new chapter for the band, it’s exciting for Paradise Lost to be a part of Nuclear Blast.”

Paradise Lost are about to head out on the road for a run of shows, including an appearance at Bloodstock on the weekend of August 11-14.

Paradise Lost 2016 tour dates

Jun 18: Dessel Graspop Metal Meeting, Belgium
Jun 19: Clisson Hellfest, France
Jul 03: Lobnitz With Full Force, Germany
Jul 09: Peterwardein Exit festival, Serbia
Jul 17: Joensuu Ilosaarirock, Finland
Aug 11: Schlotheim Party San Open Air, Germany
Aug 13: Catton Hall Bloodstock Festival, UK
Aug 20: Hamburg Elb-Riot, Germany
Aug 27: Istanbul 100% Metal fest Headbangers’ Weekend, Turkey
Oct 15: Sao Paulo Epic Metal Fest, Brazil