A nine year old girl just covered Spiritbox's Holy Roller on America's Got Talent and totally crushed it

Nine year old Harper screaming on America's Got Talent
(Image credit: America's Got Talent / YouTube)

One of the coolest things we get to witness as metal fans is the emergence of the next generation of heavy music lovers - especially when it happens on a prime time American TV talent show in front of pop music mogul Simon Cowell sat, mouth agape, on a judging panel.

Nine-year-old Brit Harper stole the show on last night's episode of America's Got Talent by walking out on stage and kicking into a ripping cover of Spiritbox's breakthrough anthem, Holy Roller.

As the first heavy riffs of the song began to drop, confusion began to spread across the faces of all three America's Got Talent judges - Cowell, model Heidi Klum and actress Sofia Vergara - and the crowd, with some people in the audience even being filmed putting their hands over their ears.

Then, Harper starts screaming her lungs out, doing a magnificent job of trying to live up to the considerable vocal skills of Spiritbox frontwoman Courtney LaPlante. Soon, everyone in attendance realises they're watching something pretty damn special, and bemusement washes away into reams of cheering and whooping.

"It's like you have a monster inside!" exclaims Vergara approvingly after the performance ends. "Have you ever seen a film called The Exorcist?" Simon asks, before adding: "Kidding aside, that was brilliant."

Harper also reveals that she has been screaming metal songs since she was three years old, before eventually getting three 'Yes' votes from the judges to send her seamlessly into the next round (well, four votes, if you count her dad's, who is also sitting on the judge's panel for some reason).

Perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised that Spiritbox are inspiring the younger generation given how they effortlessly conquered Download Festival this past weekend, but even they can't have imagined a) getting the spotlight on a show like America's Got Talent and b) getting said spotlight courtesy of the coolest nine year old you'll hear about this week. 

What is it about young kids and killing it with Spiritbox interpretations?

Watch the video below.

Merlin Alderslade
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