A guitarist played Buddy Holly every day until Weezer duetted with him. Rivers Cuomo finally responded on day 990

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We all have our own missions in life. For some, its training to run marathons, for others, it's simply remembering to take the bins out on bin day. While some of our goals aren't always the most exciting, it's always good to have something to work towards so that we can feel that buzz of satisfaction after finally succeeding.

We imagine this is probably how Evan (dietlite_evan) is feeling right now, after achieving his aspiration of getting Weezer to duet with him on TikTok after almost 1000 days of trying (990, to be precise). 

Evan has spent, literally, years playing the lick from Weezer's 1994 hit Buddy Holly on guitar in hope of the band playing along with him on the app, while documenting the journey to his followers. 

Originally, when his quest began back in 2020 on June 12, Evan's goal was to play the riff every day to hit one million followers. While the guitarist never quite managed to complete his initial feat, managing to only amass 16K followers (which is still pretty impressive), Evan at some point changed his goal, and started to invite the band to duet with him. 

On February 27, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo put an end to the lengthy mission and played the riff with Evan via a TikTok duet, and even invited him to join the band in person to play Buddy Holly live on Weezer's Indie Rock Roadtrip tour this summer.

"We can all delete TikTok now!" writes one viewer. While another says "I can't believe it! What a ride it's been."

In response, Evan posted an amusing video showing him delete his goal from his phone, while looking around aimlessly trying to figure out what he should do next. "Well damn. It’s finally come to and end. Thanks to everyone who’s followed me and supported me along the way" he writes in the caption. "What should I post on here now???".

Weezer's Indie Rock Roadtrip tour will kick off on June 4 in Alabama, and come to an end on September 3 in California. Joining the band on the road will be Modest Mouse, Future Islands and Spoon.

Check out Evan's Weezer challenge below:


♬ original sound - Evan

♬ original sound - Evan

♬ original sound - Jazzy Fizzle
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