A father of a US school shooting victim has reacted furiously to Kid Rock's dumbass, anti-trans beer-shooting stunt

Fred Guttenberg and Kid Rock
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A father of a victim of one of America's deadliest ever school shootings has reacted furiously to an attention-seeking stunt by cabaret rapper and full-time troll, Kid Rock. 

The ridiculous stunt, featuring Kid Rock - real name Robert James Ritchie - shooting up some cases of Bud Light beer in protest at the brand using trans activist and TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney as an official partner (yes, he really did that), has drawn ridicule across the internet this week. The use of a semi-automatic weapon in the video has also understandably provoked an angry reaction from Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime was killed in the Parkland shooting of February 14, 2018, in which 17 people at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, lost their lives.

Tweeting his response by paraphrasing some of the language Kid Rock used in the stunt, Guttenberg said: "Hey Kid Rock, this dad is "feeling a little frisky today." Let me be "as clear and concise" as I can with you. This is my daughter Jaime (under the black oval) and these are the students running over her for safety to avoid getting shot by the AR 15 that killed her. FUCK YOU!!!."

The Tweet was accompanied by an image taken from the CCTV footage recorded at the Parkland school on the day of the shooting, with Jaime censored as other students can be seen jumping over her and running away.

Warning: potentially upsetting image below

Some social media users have also pointed out Kid Rock's hypocrisy at even performing the stunt in the first place, given that his bar in Nashville continues to sell Budweiser products.

Since his daughter was murdered in the shooting, Fred Guttenberg has become a prolific activist campaigning against gun violence in the US. He has taken a vocal stance against the National Rifle Association, has spoken at US Senate hearings and has met with numerous political figures including Ted Cruz to discuss the gun violence epidemic in the States.

There have been over 130 mass shootings in the United States Of America so far this year. Kid Rock is yet to respond to Gutternberg's Tweet.

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