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5FDP pick up pace on Got Your Six

Five Finger Death Punch’s next album Got Your Six is a more uptempo work in response to fan reactions to their live sets, says guitarist Zoltan Bathory.

And the aim is for the record to make their gigs even more energetic than they already are.

Bathory tells Billboard: “It’s a little bit more uptempo. There was a conscious effort that we don’t want to have too many slow songs. It has more faster and midtempo songs.

“I think it’s coming from the live shows. When you’re playing live shows you feel the energy of the crowd. It’s the high-energy and midtempo songs that make the audience move and connect. You can drop your little ballads here and there, but we know what people like.”

After an onstage bust-up that led fans to speculate over 5FDP’s future, they released a teaser clip of upcoming single Jekyll and Hyde and also announced a joint tour with Papa Roach and In This Moment.

They tour Europe with Judas Priest later this month appear at Download next month. Got Your Six is released on August 28.