Why Hometruths are targeting Donald Trump with new song Genocide

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Manchester mosh mobsters Hometruths are premiering their video for Genocide exclusively with Metal Hammer. Taken from their upcoming debut EP Open Your Eyes, the politically-active five-piece are pulling no punches with swift dose of frantic energy and bouncing chugg. With crosshairs firmly pointed at the corruption and greed of government, Hometruths proudly declare they’re here to take the power back.

We caught up with vocalist Gaz Davies to find out what his new song Genocide is really all about, and why the band’s crosshairs are so firmly pointed at the United States.

How and why did Hometruths form as a band?

“Likeminded frustration is the main source of our presence. We wanted to start a project that has the potential to make a difference and mean something. We believe that music is an effective way of voicing issues and Hometruths is our platform.”

What is the story behind the song Genocide?

Genocide is the last song off our EP Open Your Eyes. Throughout the EP we highlight issues that we believe deserve attention and point out what we feel is wrong with the world. After making it clear where we stand on these issues, Genocide caps off the EP by offering a solution. Eradicating the world of all its evils.”

You wanted to release it on President’s Day. Why?

“Although the song is not specifically directed at Donald Trump, given the current situation we thought it was appropriate. We have yet another person moving into a position that allows manipulation, corruption and greed. We do not find the current government systems to be beneficial, effective or in any way practical. We believe that the only way we aren’t going to continue having president after president with no real change to the system itself is to start again.”

Isn’t it weird to take aim at America when things aren’t looking so good back in the UK?

“Like it or not, we are directly affected by the decisions made in America. We also have a puppet Prime Minister – who we did not vote for – running the UK who is ready to jump to America’s aid without a second thought. We may be targeting Donald Trump this time, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have plans for Theresa May.”

The song feels like it’s about taking power back, how do you think that is achieved?

“The best way to achieve this is to enlighten people to what is going on in the world. It’s the aim of the entire EP. People are not stupid if non-bias evidence is presented to them and they are allowed to form their own opinion, it is only a matter of time before people start to realise that there is something wrong with the world.”

You’ve said in the past that “it’s time for genocide”, what do you mean by that?

“As a whole we promote peace and unity, but when a small amount of people are responsible for the lives of the many, and then decide to use their position of power to benefit themselves and disregard the needs of their people, something needs to change. These people need to have their power withheld from them just like they withhold the basic rights of their people.”

Some bands think music and politics should stay separate, while some think they should work in tandem. How do you see the relationship between music and politics?

“As much as we enjoy being musicians, we see Hometruths as a movement and a platform rather than just a band. We plan to use our music as a channel of communication, our content is the reason for Hometruths, we aren’t just writing songs for the sake of it. We have goals and objectives that we want to achieve. There is a clear and simple connection between music and politics, you just have to create it. Politics is supposed to be a system that allows everyone to have a voice, and that’s failing. So, we’re turning to music to establish that voice.”

How else are you politically active? Do you go to protests?

“Late last year we carried out an anonymous campaign putting up propaganda posters around the UK with our hometown of Manchester being the main target. The posters displayed three figureheads – Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and Pope Francis – each with their eyes scratched out and the message ‘Open Your Eyes’. These posters were displayed all over Manchester and the rest of the UK. Less than a day after we had finished putting them up we started to see a response online. People were taking pictures and posting them on social media and started using the hashtag ‘#openyoureyes’.”

What is the vision for Hometruths?

“Playing our music and spreading our message to as many people as possible.”

Hometruth’s debut EP Open Your Eyes will be released on March 3, via CI Records.

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