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Donald Trump's tweets have been turned into an emo song

Emo Donald Trump Twitter

In the hyper-connected, social media age that we’re currently living in, Twitter is life. It’s impossible for anything to exist without Twitter. If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to tweet it, did it really fall at all?

Nobody knows this fact than the President Of The United States, Donald Trump. He’s probably the most prolific politician on social media, achieving tens of thousands of RTs in a matter of minutes, and he’s not afraid to share what he’s really thinking.

From his opinions on Meryl Streep and Saturday Night Live to the media and fake news, you never know what POTUS will tweet next. And the guys at entertainment collective Super Deluxe have noticed there’s one common theme running through Trump’s feed – early noughties emo music. That’s right, they’ve made an entire song from the 140-character musings of the most powerful man on Earth. And to be honest, it’s not the worst emo we’ve ever heard.

Here's a death metal remix of an anti-Trump protester screaming