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What are Opeth's most treasured albums?


Opeth aren’t just musicians, they’re genuine music lovers. If you take one fleeting look at vocalist Mikael Akerfeldt’s record collection then you’ll know he knows his stuff when it comes to the darker, crazier and above all more interesting corners of rock music. But which albums are his most treasured and beloved?

In the below video, we discover Mikael’s passion for the more enchanting music from the 1970s. From the Swedish band LIFE’s “Rainbow-esque” orchestrated heaviness to Steve Hillage’s 1969 album Arzachel that “goes well with two bottles of Jack Daniel’s.”

Mikael also reveals his adoration for Wil Malone (who Opeth worked with on latest album Sorceress) and his 1970 album Motherlight, prior to his string work with Black Sabbath.

Opeth’s latest album Sorceress is out now, via Nuclear Blast.

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