Watch this epic metal cover of Billie Eilish's James Bond theme

(Image credit: YouTube/Vemo)

If you weren't aware that Billie Eilish has recorded the latest James Bond theme, entitled No Time To Die, we will forgive you, it's not very metal. 

The forthcoming Bond flick's release has been postponed, meaning we might very well forget all about her 007 ballad by the time the film finally sees the light of day (and it's not particularly memorable anyway). 

However, the heavy metal universe has provided us with a reason to still care about Daniel Craig's fifth outing as the ultimate English sleuth, and a far more compelling rendition of Billie and Finneas' diddly in thanks to progressive metallers In Virtue.

The LA-based quintet have managed to completely reimagine the track and provide us with a headbang-worthy theme. It might not quite reach the heights of Chris Cornell's You Know My Name for 2006's Casino Royale or Garbage's The World Is Not Enough, but it's pretty badass catchy tune worthy of an action movie.

Check it out below:

If progressive metal isn't your jam another YouTuber, Violet Orlandi, has also given the track a whirl and given it more of an Evanescence vibe. Watch it below.

These awesome covers just leave us with one begging question: When are we finally going to have a metal band soundtrack the biggest spy franchise in the world?