Watch Danny Worsnop live out his Dave Lee Roth fantasies in new solo song Mexic

Danny Worsnop

Danny Worsnop has been in the news a lot of late. Last Christmas his supergroup We Are Harlot walked off with the Best New Band prize at the Classic Rock Awards, and only this week he announced his return to metalcore outfit Asking Alexandria, a band he left in acrimonious circumstances in early 2015. And while the future of We Are Harlot is unclear, Danny Worsnop knows exactly where he’s going.

He’s released a country single. And it’s good. With a big verse, and even bigger chorus, and plenty of references to the type of things that show up in all the best country songs: cold bottles of Bud, and escaping life’s troubles by hitting the open road.

Mexico is taken from Worsnop’s debut solo album The Long Road Home, and is backed up by a video of the type that David Lee Roth might make were he from Nashville (a city Worsnop now calls home), with hot cars, acres of female skin and a heavily tattooed man dressed only in Stars & Stripes speedos.

“That first verse just jumped right out of my eighteenth glass of Jameson and right into my mind,” says Worsnop, recalling the moment the song came to him in a bar in Columbus, Ohio. “Knowing my brain, I immediately excused myself and waited for the lightning to strike. I then proceeded to pace outside the bar singing into my phone until the song was done, which was probably about 20 minutes later.”

And that extraordinary video? “I had the video in my head from that exact moment and was very excited to realise it,” he says. “I had already written the treatment when I was introduced to Blake Judd, with whom I worked at getting what was in my mind onto film. He was very open to letting me take the reins which was very important to me, and we are already discussing what we’re doing together next.

“This song was so much fun to write, record, and film, which is appropriate as however much it is in ways about being exhausted and done with one’s reality, it is at its core a fun upbeat song about letting loose. Something we all need to do every once in a while.”

The Long Road Home is released in February 17 next year, and is available to pre-order now.

The Long Road Home Track Listing

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