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Watch Corey Taylor freestyle Spandau Ballet in the studio

Corey Taylor in the booth

We know Stone Sour are partial to the odd cover version – they even released a couple of EPs showcasing their love for Kiss, Bad Brains and Iron Maiden – so it should be no surprise that recording sessions lead down some interesting paths.

While working in the studio on their latest full-length Hydrograd, frontman Corey Taylor and drummer Roy Mayorga decided to have a little freestyle Spandau Ballet jam, because why not? It’s not often you see one of the most powerful voices in metal showcasing his love for ‘80s new wave, and as the pair blast through a very metal rendition of True (aka the song from the Marks & Spencers adverts, UK fans) it just proves what a beast Mayorga is on the drums. The Kemp brothers would have pooped their pants.

It’s unlikely a full version of this cover will ever see light of day, however, as Corey himself posted the prophetic “Never Freestyle During Rehearsals” below the phone footage.

Stone Sour are currently working on new album Hydrograd, due for release later this year.

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