Vote for the greatest prog musician of all time

graphic to accompany the Greatest Prog Musician poll in Prog Magazine
(Image credit: Future)

Who is the greatest progressive musician of all time? Not the singer, they’re always getting the limelight, but the guys who actually play the music. After all, prodigious musicality is the bedrock of the genre we all love, is it not?

The history of progressive music is packed with fantastic musicians, and today’s young maestros are continually proving themselves more than adept at holding their own in a packed and impressive playing field.

We want you to make the call. We’ve compiled a list below to help get you started. It’s a long list, but by no means definitive. If your favourite isn’t mentioned, there’s an option to add in whoever you wish to vote for.

As we’ve said, this is about the musicians. Please don’t go voting for a singer who dabbles in a spot of keyboards. Or the odd bit of guitar. Just because they’re your favourite ever. We know favouritism often wins out but we’d love this one to truly reflect the very best there is.

So, vote away. Your choices are unlimited and the voting will end at 5pm, Wednesday August 19. We can’t wait to see the results.