Vote for the best Foo Fighters song of all time

Dave Grohl recently admitted that he was too shy, too insecure in his own abilities to write any songs in his tenure as Nirvana's best-known drummer. It was only when the Seattle grunge trio came to an abrupt and tragic end that Grohl, lost without his musical outlet, started channelling his displaced energies into songwriting. Little over a year later, their debut, self-titled album hit the shelves and the rest, as they say, is history.

But with over 100 album tracks and a wealth of rarities and B-sides, we got to wondering what the best Foo Fighters song of all time really is. We have a few ideas, but there’s only a few of us and plenty of you, so we’re going to defer to the wisdom of the public and place the final decision on your hands. 

Every song from each Foo Fighters studio album is included in the list below, so scan it thoroughly and use your vote wisely. However, we've left the option open to add your own song to the mix, should an obscure B-side or live track have a hold on your heart.

Make sure to check back, as we'll be announcing the winner in the next few months.

Briony Edwards

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