Vorvan are ready to take extreme metal to the next level

A press shot of Vorvan

Coming from a place that has only a handful of recognisable names in the metal scene can be tough. It often makes bands from those places even hungrier to succeed; just look at the way that Sepultura and Gojira dragged themselves out of their surroundings to become two of the most important acts of our world. In years to come, Vorvaň could be added to that list.

“We are hungry to play to everyone,” says the band’s vocalist, Ilya Mavrychev. “Coming from Russia, the scene is small. A lot of people make music with economy in mind. They think, ‘This will do’ when they record, so it doesn’t sound good enough. We aren’t content like that, so we got Kurt Ballou [Converge guitarist and all-round super producer] to make our album. We wanted something that can stand up to the legendary bands that inspired us, such as Converge and Napalm Death.”

Indeed, this four-piece have obviously got something special about them. Their latest album, Once Love Was Lost, is brilliantly exciting. Sitting in the same rumbling, savage sonic space that the likes of Trap Them, Black Breath and Nails live in, but with catchier, European style leads to give it a unique quality, Vorvaň sound fresh and contemporary. But this is surely far too gruff and extreme to be achieve any mainstream crossover success?

“Oh we know that this is just a hobby for us,” laughs Ilya. “It’s hard enough to make money from music for anyone in this day and age. But for us? The type of music we play has a ceiling. But there is an entire world of people that are passionate about this scene and this music. If we can reach them, then we’ll put everything into it.”

Presumably hitting the UK, where there’s both a scene and a history of this style of music making an impact, must be on their ‘To do’ list?

“We’ve toured some of Europe,” Ilya says. “It was a wonderful experience. We’ll be looking to do that again. This time, hopefully, when we get to France we can make our way over the Channel and play for the UK!”

With Vorvaň’s talent and hunger, don’t bet against them making it over. And if they do, make sure you get there.


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